• 1) Registration for the race is on an individual basis and implies acceptance of these regulations. All participants accept each of the articles of these regulations and undertake not to start early and to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line.
  • 2) All registrations are to be through the event's official website.

      The period of pre-registration shall be from 25 January to 2 February.
    • b) DRAW

      The notarized sweepstakes of the 100 seats (having kept the backs to the graceful people in the 2020 edition that had to be suspended by the pandemic) will be on February 8. A number shall be drawn from among all pre-enrolled persons and those with the following 100 correlative numbers following the graded number in the draw may participate in the race. Once the 100 seats have been completed, the following 50 numbers will be reserved.

      Registration will then take place from 9 to 15 February. All runners will have to complete the online form and pay the entry fee. The entry fee will be €20. All the money raised will be donated in full to the Haszten Association (, which drives sports initiation in the group of girls and boys with functional diversity in Bizkaia.
    • d) FINAL LIST

      The final list will be available from 19 February.

        Under no circumstances can the registration be cancelled or refunded. Once the registration has been formalised, the amount of the race entry fee will not be refunded for any reason, even including the cancellation of the run due to a case of force majeure, taken to be those cases when the relevant authorities require the event to be suspended.
  • 3) Underrun Metro Bilbao is open to any participant, of any category, gender or nationality, whether or not they hold a federation licence, and who are 18 or over.
  • 4) The run will take place through tunnels, along a route with slopes and different signed obstacles. It will be held in MARCH 2024 over a distance of 7,824 metres. The start will be from Moyua station and the finish line will be at Ansio station; the route will go from Moyua, through Indautxu, Santimami/San Mames, Deustu, Sarriko, San Ignacio and, Gurutzeta/Cruces, to Ansio.
  • 5) The race will begin after the Metro underground services have finished for that day. The start will be in groups every 5 minutes for safety reasons. Each group will be accompanied by a person from the Metro Bilbao, along with a leading sports figure from Bizkaia.
  • 6) The entry fee is €20, which will be subsequently donated to the Haszten association.
  • 7) Participants will collect the race bib and runner bag from the Ansio station on the same day of the event.
  • 8) Runners must wear the bib, along with the event shirt and the headlamp that will be distributed on that same day. The organisers reserve the right to exclude any runner not wearing the required shirt, bib and headlamp in such a way that they are fully visible.
  • 9) The race will be controlled by Metro Bilbao staff, along with volunteers and members of the organisation.
  • 10) The organisers recommend that all runners undergo a medical check-up prior to the event; and all participants accept the risk arising from the sports activity.
  • 11) The organisers do not accept any liability for any damage, losses or injuries that the participants in the event may cause to themselves, to other people, and, even, should third parties injure the participant.
  • 12) The organisers will not be liable for any possible losses/thefts of items.
  • 13) All the participants will be covered by a sports insurance policy by the mere fact of taking part in the event.
  • 14) All the participants accept these Regulations by the mere fact of taking part n the event. Anything not envisaged in these Regulations will be settled pursuant to the F.A.G. Regulations.

    *Any mention of “The Organization” shall be understood to be made to ALAIKI ZERBITZU GIZAKULTURAK, S.L.the organising company of the event.

  • Please note that the race is held as a unique experience, with the "competitive" aspect in the background.